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Risk Management

Defining Risk

Defining Risk

We can’t avoid it - risk comes with life - it’s a simple and unavoidable fact. We can prepare for the risks unique to you by protecting against them in advance. By looking at strategies for protecting your income to solving longevity risks with tools like long-term care planning and insurance, we can stay ahead of life’s curveballs. By taking an in-depth look at your unique life and the things in it, we can create a tailored risk management strategy that protects you, your family, and all that comes with it.

Developing a strategy to mitigate tax erosion of your assets is one of the smartest risk management decisions we can make. When you have a tax-liability strategy in place, you are essentially giving yourself a raise and putting more of your money to work for you.

Client Centered

We help our clients to determine their life insurance needs. We review and advise our clients on the appropriateness of their current coverage, recommend proper coverage levels for their particular situation, and provide lower-cost alternatives if available and appropriate.

The cost of providing long-term care, whether in-home, assisted living facilities, or nursing homes, can be catastrophic and can ultimately unravel even the best retirement plans. In addition to the emotional stress, these costs can impair a family’s financial security and legacy objectives. We help our clients plan ahead by employing long-term care insurance that can make all the difference when health issues occur.

Protecting your income is as important as protecting your loved ones and your own health. Annuities are insurance products that allow contributions to be invested in the market. They can help protect your investment, allowing it to grow in the market in safer ways. Using these instruments can help provide a stable source of retirement income. When low-risk, income protection, and lifetime income are priorities we help cover those concerns with annuities.

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